About Me

Who is Mieche? Mieche (pronounced mi-sh) is a nickname of Michelle Nadell.

What does she do? Graphic and Web Design.

How did she get to where she is now?

After graduating from Rochester Institute of Technology in the spring of 2002 I decided it was time to leave the snowy, cold winters of the east coast and head out to the sunshine of Los Angeles. It took a few months of searching, but I finally found my first design job with MultiVision Design. I was hired as the Production Artist for this small firm and I learned quite a lot from my talented co-workers. It was a fun and energetic place; most of their work was focused on the food industry, which could lead to some rather hungry days.

Unfortunately my time there was cut just short of one year when they lost a large client and could no longer afford to keep their full staff on. My search for a new job brought me to the temp agency Creative Circle. They promised to keep me busy with all sorts of fun positions and they sure did. I continued interviewing for full time positions but with each new freelance position I learned a little more about the types of companies I wanted to work for. After a year and a half of freelance I found my new creative home in the marketing department of AEG Live. The live event division of the powerhouse AEG corporation was a fun place to be and I spent just over five years working with an amazing team on some incredible projects.

As I came upon my five-year anniversary with the company I began to realize that I was no longer feeling challenged by print work and that my side interest in web design was something I wished to pursue further. Unfortunately there were not many opportunities for me to work more with the AEG Live web team and I decided it was time to return to freelance. I left the company in December 2010 with the hopes of starting 2011 on a fresh foot.

I have taken a different approach to freelancing this time around. The first time I worked only with one agency and never looked for my own projects. This time I have been focused on finding my own clients and filling slow periods with work from various temp agencies. Today I am happy to be growing in the direction I have chosen and have taught myself so many new skills.

Have a look at my detailed career history in my resume.